Dinner Menu

Served with SP Pickles, Crostini & Mustard


(1) Meats

Lamb Pate 9 Encased in pancetta, juajillo chii, pistachio Duck Rillette 8 Spreadable pate, rosemary, orange Prosciutto 8 Cured, uncooked, aged for 12-16 months. American Ham 7 Citrus, Rosemary

(2) Cheeses

Brabander Gouda 7 Pasteurized Goats Milk, Alpine style. Firm, Flavors of Caramel and Butter Mad River Blue 8 Raw cow’s milk, Firm but creamy with mild blueing throughout. Sweet and milky. Tarentaise 7 Raw Pasture Fed Jersey Cow’s Milk, Semi Hard, washed rind. Alpine style. Complex, savory, and vegetal. Verano 7 Raw Sheeps Milk, Semi hard. Made from summer milk of the farm’s sheep. Flavors of Honey, Clover and Herbal Corcuera Manchego 8 Pasteurized sheep’s milk, Natural rind. Firm, Bright Acidity with Savory Earthy Flavors.

(3) Round Outs

Marinated Olives 4 Red Onion and Cranberry Jam 3 Balsamic and Fig Jam 4 Artichoke Tapenade 3 Smoked Shallot Marmalade 3 Vermont Wildflower Honey 3 Marcona Almonds 3 Pickled Leeks and Carrots 3


Polpette 11 SP Meatballs & Sunday Gravy Little Gem Salad 14 Italian dressing, zucchini, sungold tomatoes, avocado, almonds, mozzarella, summer herbs Caesar Salad 13 Romaine hearts, red leaf lettuce, celery, cucumber, french breakfast radish, sourdough bread crumb Roasted Cauliflower 12 Dill salsaverde,orange puree, fried capers


Rice Bowl 15 Arborio rice, spring onions, summer squash, zucchini, radish, eggplant, toasted garlic, fresno chili oil Linguine 20 Rhode Island clams, gulf shrimp, green garlic butter, lemon, crostini Orecchiette 18 Chickpea and pancetta sugo, parmesan, breadcrumbs


Margherita 14 Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil Salty Pig 16 Pig Parts, Arugula, Mustard, Pale Ale Caramel Via Appia Pizza 17 Toscano salami, mozzarella, fennel, fresno chilies Signora Omerosa 19 Roasted eggplant, olive oil cured tomatoes, castelvetrano olives, capers, mozzarella Arrabbiata Pizza 17 TSP Sausage, roasted shallot pepperonata, mozzarella, oregano Fiori Di Zucca 17 Squash blossoms, zucchini, montasio cheese, arugula, calabrian chili vinaigrette

Add to Any Pizza

Bacon 4 Egg 2 Prosciutto di Parma 6 Pepperoni 3 House-Made Pork Sausage 4 Arugula 2
dinner menu
*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness. Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.